Are you tired of fumbling for chalk during your snooker or pool game? The new Baize Master T-Mag Twin Magnetic Chalk Holder is here to change that! This high-quality, versatile accessory is designed to hold both round Taom style chalks and traditional square style chalks, making it the ultimate Taom chalk holder for cue sports enthusiasts. Read on to learn more about this game-changing accessory and its impressive features.

Innovative Design and Functionality

The Baize Master T-Mag Chalk Holder boasts a strong magnetic action that keeps the chalk secure on the pocket clip until needed. With a spring-action pocket clip, the holder easily attaches to your front pocket or clothing, staying secure throughout your game. The holder can be reused multiple times, as the magnet sits in the bottom of the tight rubber chalk holder without the need for glue or sticky tape, allowing for easy chalk changes.

Features of the Baize Master T-Mag Chalk Holder

  • Snooker & Pool Chalk Holder
  • Spring action pocket clip for secure attachment
  • Easily clips to front pocket or clothing
  • Magnetic action for easy access to chalk when needed
  • Strong magnet keeps chalk secure on clip – does not fall off easily
  • Double action – suitable for both round and square chalks
  • Includes 1 x round rubber chalk holder + protective cap
  • Includes 1 x square rubber chalk holder + protective caps
  • Rubber chalk holder stretches onto chalk for a tight fit
  • Magnet sits in the bottom of rubber chalk holder – no glue or sticky tape needed
  • Protective covers help prevent chalk mess when not in use

Upgrade Your Cue Sports Experience

The Baize Master T-Mag Twin Magnetic Chalk Holder is an essential accessory for any snooker or pool player looking to improve their game. Its innovative design, strong magnet, and compatibility with both round and square chalks make it a must-have addition to your cue sports arsenal. Say goodbye to chalk mishaps and focus on your game with this ingenious chalk holder.


The new Baize Master T-Mag Twin Magnetic Square + Round Taom Chalk Holder offers a practical and convenient solution for snooker and pool players looking to keep their chalks within easy reach during play. With its versatile design and impressive features, it’s no wonder this chalk holder is set to become a favorite among cue sports enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your game with this innovative accessory – get your Baize Master T-Mag Chalk Holder today!

Get Your Baize Master T-Mag Chalk Holder Now!

Ready to elevate your snooker or pool experience with the Baize Master T-Mag Twin Magnetic Chalk Holder? Order yours now and enjoy the convenience and ease of use that this innovative chalk holder brings to your game. You’ll wonder how you ever played without it!