About Us

Our Approach

We believe in and are passionate about what we do.

We love snooker and pool and want you to love it too!

We’re keen for our customers to enjoy the game as much as we do, and endeavour to supply the best possible products at competitive prices to help them do so.

We want to help improve your game and make it more enjoyable, encouraging you to play more frequently.

The power of snooker and pool to create community cohesion, enjoyment and reward should never be underestimated.  It is a fantastic sport that anyone can play. It encourages social interaction and brings people together from all backgrounds – we believe more people should be playing more often! As one’s skill level and game develops through practice and participation, one gets a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, encouraging one to play more. This is how we want our customers to feel.

We can be contacted on [email protected] or 03334441478.

What Makes Us Special

We are expert suppliers of snooker cues, pool cues, cases and accessories; with an extensive range for beginners and intermediary players. Our staff are keen snooker and pool enthusiasts and love to help our customers find the products that are best for them.

We like to stock a diverse range of exclusive products that are not available from other retailers, making shopping with us a truly exceptional and exciting experience. If you are looking for something different, you’ll discover plenty of unique items in our store!

We are much more than a retailer – we are proud specialists in our field. We are keen innovators, product developers, investors, risk takers and explorers, prepared to travel to far flung corners of the world to bring new products to our customers. We want to help build the sport and drive it forward, broadening its appeal to the younger generations or those that don’t normally play.

Oh, and we also pride ourselves in offering a fast, friendly and reliable service at competitive prices; we are always ready to make a difference whenever and wherever possible!

Who We Are

Established since 2004 and based in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, we are a small family run business that was born from a passion of the baize; we have always understood the enjoyment snooker and pool gives, and the importance good equipment makes in delivering added satisfaction to the game.

Predominately an online retailer, we stock over 1,000 various snooker and pool products from well-known brands like Riley, BCE, Peradon, Aramith, Tweeten, Hainsworth and Jonny 8 Ball. We never ‘dropship’ – all our stock is ready for immediate dispatch direct from our warehouse, giving us full control over your order. 

Our company is called ‘Funky Chalk Co’ but we trade under the name ‘Cue & Case’ and have an Ebay store, Amazon store and of course, our own web store.

We can be contacted on [email protected] or 03334441478.

Our History

Our story started in 2004 when company founder Rob Pearce started selling cues to players in his local pub. Rob developed a passion and knowledge for the game whilst working for the snooker cloth manufacturer A.W.Hainsworth & Sons Ltd but also from playing pool on Sundays in his local pub! His business soon began growing and he started supplying other pub teams in the area, then progressed to a small car boot stall, then to a regular stall at Leeds market. His partner and kids were always supporting him, helping on the stall, brewing a flask of tea or packing the car at 4am, ready for a day’s selling. Most customers wanted cue and case sets, which is where our trading name ‘Cue & Case’ originated from. During a wet summer when trade was down, Rob ventured onto Ebay to sell his cue and case sets and never looked back! The experience he gained working on market stalls and dealing with players direct, proved invaluable when sourcing the style of cues that players really wanted and appreciated.

Our drive to please players continues today. We are active innovators who are committed to sourcing and developing new products to help keep the game fresh, fun and exciting – ultimately growing it. We created our own successful cue brand, Jonny 8 Ball, to bring more inventive and daringly different cues to pub pool players. Through our love of pool, we also founded the UK’s fastest growing pool tournament weekend – Golden 8 Ball®.

Our Values

We’re not happy until you’re happy! 

We want you to be a customer for life – when you buy from us you are getting much more than just a product; you have gained status as a valued customer that we want back! 

Honesty is the cornerstone of our business and you will never find us selling you items that you do not need. We have a large base of loyal customers for a good reason – we are focused on building good customer relationships and not just on selling products. We are proud that our customers keep returning to us and that our business keeps growing each year.

If our customers have any issues, we address them with priority and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the outcome.