Baize Master T-MAG Magnetic Round Chalk Holder and Taom V10 Chalk


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This ingenious, high quality Baize Master chalk holder can hold both round Taom style chalks and the traditional square style chalk. With a strong magnetic action, the chalk stays secure on the pocket clip until needed. The holder can be reused many times, as the magnet sits in the bottom of the tight rubber chalk holder, as does not use glue, allowing chalks to be easily changed.


  • Snooker & Pool Chalk Holder Including 1 x Taom V10 Chalk
  • Spring action pocket clip to keep holder secure on clothing
  • Easily clip to front pocket or clothing
  • Magnetic action gives easy access to chalk when needed
  • Strong magnet keeps chalk secure on clip – does not fall off easily
  • Double action – for both round and square chalks
  • Includes 1 x round rubber chalk holder + protective cap
  • Includes 1 x square rubber chalk holder + protective caps
  • Rubber chalk holder stretches onto chalk for a tight fit
  • Magnet sits in bottom of rubber chalk holder – no glue of sticky tape needed
  • Protective covers help stop chalk making a mess when not being used


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