About US

Our philosophy

At Cue + Case, we are deeply passionate about snooker and pool. Our ethos is rooted in a love for these sports, and we are dedicated to sharing this enthusiasm with our customers. We strive to enhance your gaming experience by offering top-quality products at competitive prices, aiming to enrich your engagement with the game and inspire more frequent play.

Snooker and pool have a remarkable capacity to foster community cohesion, joy, and a sense of achievement. These sports are accessible to everyone, transcending social backgrounds and promoting interaction. We advocate for more people to engage in these games more often, as skill development through regular play brings immense satisfaction. It is this feeling of accomplishment and delight we wish for all our customers.

For inquiries, please reach out at info@funkychalk.co.uk or 03334441478.

What sets us apart

As specialists in snooker and pool equipment, we offer an extensive range of cues, cases, and accessories for both beginners and intermediate players. Our team, comprised of enthusiastic players, takes pride in guiding customers to the perfect products for their needs.

We are unique in stocking exclusive items not found elsewhere, providing a distinctive and thrilling shopping experience. Whether you seek the unusual or the innovative, our store is a treasure trove of unique finds.

More than just retailers, we are pioneers and enthusiasts in our field. Our commitment extends to exploring global markets for novel products, aiming to expand the sport’s reach and appeal, particularly among the youth and non-traditional players.

We pride ourselves on fast, friendly, and reliable service at competitive prices, always striving to make a positive impact.

Our roots

Established in 2004 in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, Cue + Case is a family-run business, born from a profound appreciation for snooker and pool. We recognise the joy these games bring and the difference quality equipment can make.

As a predominantly online retailer, we stock a wide range of products from esteemed brands, ensuring immediate dispatch from our warehouse. We trade as 'Cue + Case', with an eBay store, Amazon store, and our website.

Customers are welcome to visit our warehouse by appointment, open Monday to Friday, 8am till 5pm.

Contact us at info@funkychalk.co.uk or 03334441478.

Our journey

Our journey began in 2004 when founder Rob Pearce started selling cues locally. His expertise, gained from both his professional background and personal love for the game, laid the foundation for our business. The company evolved from a car boot stall to a Leeds market stall, fuelled by family support and a keen understanding of players' needs.

This customer-focused approach remains at our core. We continuously seek to innovate and develop new products, keeping the game exciting and growing. Our own brands, BaizeMaster, Jonny 8 Ball, Pro146 and more, was born out of this ethos, offering unique cues to pool enthusiasts. We also established the UK’s rapidly expanding pool tournament, the Golden 8 Ball®.

Our values

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We aspire to earn your lifelong patronage, not just through our products but also by building a lasting relationship based on trust and value.

Honesty is fundamental to our business; we ensure that our recommendations are tailored to your actual needs. Our growing base of loyal customers is a testament to our commitment to these principles. We take pride in our responsive and caring approach to customer service, always prioritising your satisfaction.