A cue sport encompasses wide varieties of games that are famous around for eras.  This type of sport is commonly played using cue sticks that strikes billiard balls on a felt-covered type of table. This is the type of sport which is considered to be a great pastime of most of the people today.


The oldest type of cue sport is the Carom. This type sport doesn’t have pockets in its table. Its main objective is to strike the cue ball of the opponent using your own cue ball. The point will be scored every time this strike happened. The winner will be the first player who is going to reach higher set of points. Carom is considered to be the oldest type of cue sports and considered to be the least played one.


Snooker is another variation of billiard and highly recognised by most people around the world. Snooker table is commonly large compared to pool. It is also consists of six pockets similar to the table use in pool. In this type of cue sport, there would be 22 balls. This include six balls which is equivalent to increasing point number, fifteen red balls which is equivalent to one point each and one cue ball. The points and colours are in proper order yellow for two points and green for three points. For four points they have brown colour, blue for five points, six points for pink and seven points for black. Players who are going to score needs to first pocket the red ball and followed by the other coloured balls in its ascending order. The winner of snooker is the player who acquired the most number of points in the entire game.


One of the most famous cue sports, which is commonly played by huge numbers of people around the world is pool. There are different variations in this game but one of the most famous is eight ball pool. In eight ball pool, the balls are numbered except its cue ball. For the rest seven pool balls, the standards are set at its solid colour. Number nine up to fifteen are intended for those striped coloured balls and the eight ball is coloured black. The objective of the eight ball pool is to let each coloured balls, solid or striped sink. You need to prevent sinking the cue ball since you may end up losing the game. Players of any of the above-mentioned types of cue sports are carrying their own types of pool cues placed in cue cases rather than using a pool room. This is due to the fact that there are instances where pool rooms are warped and sometimes cause some unexpected miscues. There are some players who also choose custom pool cue to suit to their playing preferences, size and style. You may choose whatever type of cue sports you wanted to play depending on your skills and ability. Hence, you need to choose a cue sport that would give you great chance to win over your opponent.
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