You need a cue case for your Pool or Snooker Cue, but which one should you buy?

If you own a Pool or Snooker Cue and enjoy playing out at pool halls and other venues, you really should be using a Cue Case to protect your investment. 

Picking the right case to suit your needs and style can sometimes be a time consuming effort, however, we’re here to feed you the knowledge you will need to make the right choice.

When it comes to shopping for a new cue case, there are almost as many option as there are cues. Just like cues there are many different variances, such as brand, built, size and materials used.

A good place to start is to determine what size case your cue(s) will need; A 2 Piece Case will hold one butt and one shaft, usually these will be for standard centered jointed cue. A 3/4 jointed cue case, will also hold one butt and one shaft, but there will be extra length to accommodate your 3 quarter long shaft.

At Cue & Case we categories our cases in the following three sizes:

  • One piece Cues
  • Two Piece Cues
  • 3 Quarter Jointed Cues

As well as choosing the size of the cue you’re want to hold, you will also need to decide how many cues you intend to carry at once, as many cases can accommodate multiple cues if you play with more than one cue.

The next step to take is to determine the built of Cue Case you require, the most common types are Hard, Soft and Box cases. However, there are also other types of cases that sit somewhere in the middle of these three types such as Tubular Cases. 

Hard Cue Cases 

These are by far the most popular Pool & Snooker cue cases in the world, due to their robust strength which helps to protect against dents as well as warping.

These types of cases vary in size, with the smallest being able to hold one butt/one shaft in the same case. However some cases will can accommodate as much as as three butts and seven shafts but this comes as a scarifies to total weight the player must carry.

Soft Cases

Soft cases are good for starter cues or for short term storage.

These cases are a great means for short term storage, as they do not feature many perks that come with that of a hard case.

Soft cases will often allow for two separate comparts to keep your cue butt and shaft from scratching, and many of these cases provide a thick padding between the interior and the exterior to protect from denting.

Soft cases do not feature as many exterior pockets as hard cases, so you won’t have as much room for your accessories. Because of their limited nature you won’t be paying as much for a soft case as you would for a hard case. Soft cases typically come in the one butt/one shaft variety, but you can get soft cases as large as two butt/four shaft.

Box Cases

The third choice for cue cases is the box case. Box cases are very nice looking cases, which is one of the primary reasons that players buy box cases.. Many box cases have a briefcase style, complete with latch style fasteners. Some of the nicer box cases can also feature combination locks for additional security. But these are just a few of the many billiard cue cases we carry. For more detailed descriptions, images, and to view our full line of cases, check out our website. We offer one of the largest selections of pool cue cases, and at affordable prices to boot.

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