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13 Inch Mini ADJUSTABLE Push-on Metal Cue Extension for American Pool Cues

Brand:Funky Chalk
Product Code: EXT-UNB-FIX-000
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: £20.79

This good quality metal cue extension fits round butt cues perfectly and can be tightened for a secure grip. Ideal for American Pool cues, or round butt snooker cues.


  • Extends cue by 10 inches
  • Good quality metal construction
  • Adjustable mouth that can be tightened to secure the cue
  • Felt-lined interior to prevent damage to cue butt
  • Fits cues with larger round butts perfectly, such as American Pool cues
  • Slide butt end into mouth of extension then tighten
  • Weighs 7.5oz – measures 13 inches in in total length
  • Comes neatly packed in cardboard box

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