Lynch’s Original Cue Balm and Towel Shaft Care Combo GIFT SET


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Hand developed and crafted in the UK, Lynch’s Original is the world’s first cue balm, specially formulated to provide a professional, silky smooth finish on all wooden cue shafts. Lynch’s Cue Balm is the world’s first cue finish with real potential to improve your game! During the production process Lynch’s is infused with three natural Essential Oils with proven aromatherapy benefits, often used to help reduce anxiety, stress, panic attacks, uplift mood, aid focus, and more. The combination of waxes and oils creates a unique balm cream which is easy to apply. Can be used with immediate removal as a shaft cleaner, and to achieve your final smooth cue finish! Apply, wait 10 minutes, polish!


  • Good for your cue, good for your game!
  • Apply the balm, wait 10 minutes, buff!
  • Unique combination of waxes and essential oils
  • Feeds, protects, and smooths all wooden cue shafts
  • Ensures a silky-smooth finish in all conditions
  • Enriched with calming essential oils providing pleasant aroma
  • Aromatherapy benefits to reduce anxiety and uplift mood, to aid gameplay
  • Supplied as an attractive gift set in box
  • Set includes a tin of original cue balm, a luxury microfibre towel and instructions
  • Detailed instruction video can be found here:


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