The weight of a snooker or pool cue is a crucial factor in determining your comfort and control when playing the game. Having the right weight can greatly improve your overall performance and accuracy on the table. So, what exactly is the ideal weight for a snooker or pool cue?

The Sweet Spot: Cue Weights Between 18-21 Ounces

Most players find that a cue weight between 18-21 ounces is the sweet spot. This weight allows for enough control over the cue ball, while also providing a comfortable feel for the player. However, it’s important to note that everyone’s preferences are different, and the ideal weight for you may vary.

Determining Your Ideal Cue Weight

One way to determine your ideal cue weight is to simply pick up a few cues and give them a test swing. Pay attention to how the weight feels in your hand and whether it feels comfortable or not. You can also try different weights on the table, hitting a few balls to see how each weight impacts your accuracy and control.

Consider Your Playing Style and Experience Level

It’s also important to consider your playing style and level of experience when choosing a cue weight. For example, beginners may prefer a lighter cue to help develop their control and accuracy, while more experienced players may prefer a heavier cue for added power on shots.


In conclusion, the ideal weight for a snooker or pool cue varies depending on the player’s preferences, playing style, and level of experience. Experimenting with different weights and paying attention to comfort and control is key to finding the right weight for you.

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