PRO147 CLASSIC SANDALWOOD 3/4 Premium Snooker Pool Cue 9.5mm Tip + 6 Inch Wooden Mini Butt


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PRO147® is our British mid-range cue brand, aimed at players that want better quality without breaking the bank. This is our great value, traditional style hand spliced sandalwood cue. It has a stiff, smooth ash shaft which helps create less deflection in your shots. This cue comes with a 6 inch mini butt extension, we also sell long telescopic extensions for PRO147 cues separately. 


Cue Features

  • 57” traditional snooker cue with ¾ joint
  • Shaft measures approx. 111cm including protruding joint
  • Butt measures approx. 37cm
  • Balance point is approx. 43cm into the butt end
  • Approx 9.5mm leather stick-on tip – sanded and ready for play
  • Polished brass ferrule
  • Premium grade North American ash shaft, with distinct grains and feathering
  • The shaft is sanded to a smooth finish, with no lumps or bumps
  • Stiff shaft that helps prevent the cue from deflecting when striking cue ball
  • Quality brass vacuum joint – hear the pop when you break it apart!
  • PRO147 white pearl badge in sandalwood butt plate
  • Comes with 6 Inch Mini Butt
  • Black rubber painted butt end – thin rubber coating applied to sanded wood
  • Heavy weight cue that varies between 18oz to 20oz
  • Request a weight and we will do our best to match it as close as we can
Cue Length

57 Inch

Extension option

Cue includes extension

Tip size