Maple Wood Snooker Triangle Full Sized 2 1/16 Inch (52.5mm) 15 Ball


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This Maple Wood Snooker Triangle is designed to hold 15 snooker balls securely in place, ensuring a perfect rack every time. Its smooth edges and precise angles provide a tight fit for the balls, which minimizes movement during the break and ensures a consistent playing experience. The natural wood grain of the maple wood creates a classic and elegant look that will complement any snooker table.


  • Excellent Maple Wood Snooker Triangle, perfect for any professional or personal games room
  • Full sized snooker triangle fits 15 2 1/16 inch balls
  • Beautifully made with seamless joints and smooth curves
  • We have a variety of stock here at Cue and Case, so if this isn’t to your taste – take a look at our range!


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