Jonny 8 Ball RED COMET 57 Inch 2 Piece Centre Joint Ash English Pool Cue with 8.5mm Tip


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The Comet Range features fresh designs made exclusively for Jonny 8 Ball creating a fusion of traditional snooker designs blended with modern American Pool, for a truly unique and stunning look. With an 8.5mm tip, these cues are ideal for precise cue ball control in English Pool.



  • 57 inch 2 piece ash cue with a centre joint
  • Butt and shaft are equal lengths, making it easier to transport and store
  • 8.5mm brass ferrule with leather stick on tip – enhanced cue ball control in English Pool
  • Baked UV Gloss Finish on butt – added durability and enhances the butt design, making it more colourful and vibrant
  • Grade A North American Stiff Ash Shaft – low deflection
  • Visible Chevrons on shaft – visually appealing and can help players with sighting
  • Sanded and waxed finish shaft – smoother cueing action
  • Quick release brass joint for easy and quick release
  • Stained and decalised hardwood butt with baked paint finish
  • Chamfer style butt with Jonny 8 Ball Decal logo. Rounded wood butt end painted black with flat extension joint
  • Compatible with Jonny 8 Ball Extensions
  • Weighs approx 17-19oz – request a weight and we’ll do our best to match it or send the next closest weight
Cue Length

57 Inch

Tip size