Jonny 8 Ball 2 Piece GREY SNIPER Pool Cue and Case Set with Jonny 8 Ball Black Reinforced Case + 2 Chalks


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Become a sniper on the pool table and effortlessly position your cue ball with lethal accuracy, as you prepare to take aim for the next shot! These Jonny 8 Ball Sniper cues are manufactured using modern methods and revolutionary synthetic woods in the butt, giving a quality feel with a superb look. Not only are these cues helping save exotic trees but also money in your pocket too, as real ebony wood cues are far more expensive. The small 8mm pro leather tip is designed for players that want to advance their skill level, as it improves cue ball control but can make potting harder for the less experienced player. With its silky-smooth, machine polished shaft and conditioned pro leather tip, this cue is supplied ready for action. The Sniper Set includes the Sniper cue, a Jonny 8 Ball Black Reinforced Hard 2 Slot Case, and 2 Chalks.



  • Approx 145cm (57”) cue length with a centre joint
  • Jonny 8 Ball Black Reinforced 2 Slot Case with a chalk compartment and space for a mini-butt extension (Not included in set)
  • 2 x Triangle green chalks
  • Quality quick release air sprung brass joint – feel the spring, hear the pop!
  • Four face genuine splicing featuring vibrant coloured synthetic diamond wood splices and real maple veneers
  • Polished brass ferrule with approx. 8mm tip (size can vary slightly)
  • Professional red leather tip made from layered pig skin
  • Brass extension joint in butt end – takes PRO147 screw in extensions (sold separate)
  • Jonny 8 Ball name badge in butt end
  • Cue weighs approx. 17.5oz to 18.5oz
  • Request a weight and we’ll do our best to match it
Weight 1900 g
Dimensions 87 × 9 × 6 cm
Cue case type


Cue Length

57 Inch

Extension option

Extension compatible cue

Tip size



Cue & Case