Hainsworth SILVER MATCH Tournament Pool Table Cloth for 7 Foot UK Pool Table – Bed and Cushion Set


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Silver is the new green – dare to be different and gain a whole new pool playing experience!  Playing on silver gives a better contrast against the yellow and red balls, improving game play, skill and playing enjoyment. Supplied in pre-cut 7ft bed and cushion sets, for 7ft or 6ft UK pool tables.

Hainsworth SILVER MATCH pool and snooker table cloth is the ultimate choice for discerning pool & snooker enthusiasts. Hainsworth Match has fast become the cloth of choice for clubs and league tables up and down the country and is available in either Green or Silver. Crafted with precision and designed to enhance your gameplay experience, this high-quality cloth is the epitome of style and performance.

Hainsworth SILVER Match is made exclusively for Funky Chalk LTD and is available from the Cue & Case store for retail customers. Any trade enquiries should go direct to Funky Chalk. This cloth is not supplied by Hainsworth to anyone else. Hainsworth Silver Match is available in 7ft and 8ft UK pool table size, and 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft snooker table size.

Please note, in the unlikely event that the cloth has a fault, this fault must be reported BEFORE the cloth is fitted, so it can be replaced, and the faulty cloth returned to Funky Chalk, as it still has value. Please lay the cloth on the table and inspect closely, before gluing it. Once a cloth is fitted, it will be considered used with no value and is non-refundable. Cloth can become easily damaged whilst fitting, so please only use an experienced fitter to fit your cloth. Please check the dimensions of your slate before purchasing, as some slates can be an obscure size. This bed cloth measures 78” x 42.5” and is stretched to fit the slate.


Cloth Features:

  • 7ft UK Pool bed and cushion set includes bed cloth and 6 x cushion strips
  • Cloth weight of 390gsm
  • Bed Cloth measures 78″ (198cm)  x 42.5″ (108cm)
  • Cushion strips measure 39″ (99cm) x 6″ (13cm)
  • Match is the choice of major snooker and pool tournaments worldwide
  • Match provides spectacular speed and cue ball control with high levels of durability
  • Performance cloth with a short precise nap cut surface
  • Challenges perfection in performance
  • Effortless shots and unrivalled excitement
  • Impeccable accuracy with ultimate ball control
  • Unique and exciting playing experience
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