Baize Master PURPLE HEART 57 Inch 3 Piece Length Adjustable Double Joint Ash Snooker Pool Cue with 9.5mm Tip + Mini Butt – Shorten to 43 Inches


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The Baize Master Silver Series Purple Heart is a versatile 3 piece cue suitable for playing both snooker and pool. Machine spliced from the finest exotic Purple Heart wood, the cue can be shortened to 43 inches for space restrictive shots, by screwing the butt into the shaft without the middle piece. This alleviates difficulty while playing in tight spaces making it perfect for pub or home use.



  • A three-piece cue with two quick release brass vacuum joints
  • Double jointed cue – can be shortened down to 43” for shots in tight spaces
  • 9.5mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule, suitable for both snooker and pool
  • Matching Ash grain shaft – sanded for a more natural wood feel
  • Machine spliced 4 prong butt, made from solid Purple Heart wood
  • Genuine Maple front splice
  • Baize Master logo badge on the butt of the cue
  • Cue length measures approx. 57.5”
  • Shaft length measures approx. 29.5” (inc. joint)
  • Butt length measures approx. 28.5” (Butt end measures 16″, Mid section 12.5″)
  • Brass butt extension joint
  • Includes 6” mini butt extension
  • Cue weights available range from 18oz to 20oz
  • Request a weight and we will do our best to match it!
Cue Length

57 Inch

Extension option

Cue includes extension

Tip size