Baize Master Limited Edition MATTE BLACK CARBON FIBER 1 Piece English Pool Break Cue with 10.5mm Tip – For Breaking Only


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The Baize Master Limited Edition Carbon Fibre range is the supreme choice for players who desire high consistency and durability compared to standard wooden cues. With a 10.5mm phenolic tip on a Bakelite ferrule, these cues are ideal for breaking in English Pool. Carbon Fibre is stiffer than wood and eliminates unwanted cue ball deflection, making it easier to contact the correct point off the break. Carbon Fibre, made entirely from carbon atoms, is five times stronger than steel. They provide exceptional resistance to warping and denting compared to wood, making them ideal for players in environments with fluctuating temperatures or those prone to accidental bumps. Cause destruction on your break with the Baize Master Carbon Fibre Break Cue for English Pool.



  • 58 Inch (148cm) one piece break cue.
  • 10.5mm phenolic tip, ideal for breaking in English Pool.
  • Stiff Carbon Fibre shaft with lowest possible deflection – makes it easier to break open the pack of balls.
  • Resistant to warping and denting – great for places with high or low temperatures.
  • White Bakelite Ferrule, resistant to cracking, chipping, and breaking.
  • Plain shaft with no grains – ideal for players who find the grain distracting.
  • Rubber butt end protector for added protection.
  • Balance point is approx. 18 inches from the butt end.
  • Cue weighs approx. 18.5 to 19oz, request a weight and we’ll do our best to match it!
Cue Length

58 Inch

Tip size