Baize Master 1 Piece PURPLE JESTER 57 Inch Ash Snooker Pool Cue with 9.5mm Tip


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The Baize Master Jester Series is a premium range of ash cues designed for the serious player. Featuring a diamond wood butt and perfectly aligned arrows on the shaft, this cue is an exquisite addition to a player’s arsenal. From the first feel to the impeccable sounding shot, improve your high break and achieve break dishes with the Baize Master Jester.



  • 9.5mm tip with brass ferrule designed for experienced players
  • One piece cue – Approx 145cm (57”) cue length
  • Beautiful 4-point hand spliced diamond wood butt
  • Four face genuine splicing featuring vibrant coloured synthetic diamond wood splices and real maple veneers
  • Professional leather tip on polished brass ferrule
  • Premium North American ash shaft that is hand selected for its natural grain and even chevrons, with approx. 30% elasticity and 70% hardness
  • Each shaft is meticulously grinded, and then machine polished to a silky-smooth finish by experienced craftsmen
  • Brass extension joint in butt end – takes Baize Master screw in extensions (mini-butt included)
  • Balance point approx. 16 inches from butt end
  • Butt end is weighted with lead, not iron, meaning the weight will not rust and make an abnormal sound when taking a shot
  • Baize Master name badge in butt end
  • Cue weighs approx. 17oz to 19oz
  • Request a weight and we’ll do our best to match it
Weight 750 g
Dimensions 82 × 5 × 5 cm
Cue Length

57 Inch

Extension option

Cue includes extension

Tip size



Cue Only