The Secret Behind Taom Chalk's High Price

The Secret Behind Taom Chalk's High Price


Taom Chalk is recognized as one of the most expensive and top-quality chalks for snooker and pool players. But what factors contribute to its high price tag? In this article, we'll delve into the reasons behind Taom Chalk's premium pricing, including its innovative formula, manufacturing process, and endorsements from professional players.

Innovative Formula and Benefits

Taom Chalk offers various chalk products, including Taom V10, Pyro, Pyro Pink Edition, Green Classic Snooker and Soft Chalk. Each product has its unique formula, providing different benefits such as optimal grip, minimal residue, and kick-free experiences. Taom V10, for example, was developed with the world's top professional players, offering exceptional grip with a super clean experience. These innovative formulas and the benefits they provide contribute to the high price of Taom Chalk.

Manufacturing Process

Taom Chalk's manufacturing process plays a crucial role in its high cost. The company uses advanced chemistry and physics techniques to create their products, merging large molecular structures and elastomers without dilution. This intricate process requires specialised equipment and skilled craftsmanship, ensuring that each piece of Taom Chalk meets the highest standards for quality and performance.

Endorsements by Professional Players

Taom Chalk has received endorsements from numerous professional players, including snooker and pool world champions. These players attest to the chalk's exceptional performance and ability to reduce kicks, minimize miscues, and leave little to no mess on the table. The endorsements from top players further contribute to Taom Chalk's premium price, as it demonstrates the value of the product in enhancing players' performance.

“V10 I feel is the best chalk I have used since turning professional! It gives very good grip on the cue ball and the cleanest chalk ever”

Mark Selby World Nr. 1

“I’ve used every chalk Taom have brought out and every time they’ve got better and better. The company listen to the feedback from the players and improve it time and time again.

The V10 (which I used at 2021 World Championships) is the best yet and been using it every since I first tried it. “

Stuart Bingham, Snooker World Champion

“Best chalk ever made, I totally love it”

John Higgins, 4 x Snooker World Champion

“V10 is the next step in Taom evolutionary story. Get even more grip without sacrificing control and clean contact “

Mika Immonen, 3 x Pool World Champion

Is Taom Chalk Worth the Investment?

Deciding whether to invest in Taom Chalk depends on the player's priorities and budget. Serious players seeking maximum performance from their equipment may find the benefits of Taom Chalk worth the investment. On the other hand, casual players or those with budget constraints may consider more affordable alternatives. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and the value each player places on the advantages offered by Taom Chalk.


Taom Chalk's high price can be attributed to its innovative formula, specialized manufacturing process, and endorsements from professional players. While this premium chalk may not be suitable for every player, those who prioritize performance and precision may find it a valuable investment. As with any equipment, the key is to find the right balance between cost and performance that best suits your individual needs and preferences.

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