Where does Taom Chalk come from

Where does Taom Chalk come from


Taom Chalk has gained a reputation as one of the most premium and innovative chalks in the world of cue sports. But where does this remarkable chalk come from? In this article, we will explore the origins of Taom Chalk, its Finnish creators, and the company's dedication to quality and innovation.

Finnish Roots

Taom Chalk is a product of Taom Tips, a Finnish company founded by Toni Ursin, who serves as the CEO. Ursin was inspired to create a solution for reducing kicks in snooker and pool games after hearing commentators discuss the issue on Eurosport. Determined to find a way to minimize friction and improve players' experiences, Ursin began developing the innovative chalk that would eventually become Taom Chalk.

Innovative Approach and Development

Unlike traditional chalks, Taom Chalk is manufactured using advanced chemistry and physics techniques. This approach involves merging large molecular structures and elastomers without dilution, resulting in a unique compound that offers exceptional performance. The company's dedication to innovation and research led to the development of various chalk products, including Taom V10, Pyro, Pyro Pink Edition, and Soft Chalk, each offering different benefits for players of all levels.

Collaboration with Professional Players

Taom Tips works closely with professional players to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their products. Finnish player Robin Hull played a significant role in the breakthrough of Taom Chalk, being the first pro to test the final version of the product. Since then, numerous world champions and professional players have endorsed Taom Chalk, praising its ability to provide optimal grip, minimize residue, and deliver a kick-free experience.

Taom Chalk's Impact on the Cue Sports Industry

Since its introduction, Taom Chalk has revolutionized the cue sports industry by offering a high-performance alternative to traditional chalks. Its ability to reduce kicks and minimize miscues has made it a popular choice among professional players and serious amateurs alike. The company's dedication to quality and innovation ensures that Taom Chalk will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cue sports.


Taom Chalk originates from Finland, where its creators at Taom Tips have dedicated themselves to improving the game of snooker and pool through innovative chalk formulas. With a commitment to research, collaboration with professional players, and a focus on quality, Taom Chalk has made a significant impact on the cue sports industry and will likely continue to shape its future.

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