The Biggest Win in Snooker History

The Biggest Win in Snooker History


Snooker has seen many memorable moments and impressive victories throughout its history. But which win can be considered the biggest or most dominant in the sport? In this article, we will discuss some of the most noteworthy performances and record-breaking wins in snooker history.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's 147 Maximum Breaks

While not a specific match, Ronnie O'Sullivan's numerous 147 maximum breaks deserve mention. Often regarded as one of the greatest snooker players of all time, O'Sullivan has achieved a record 15 maximum breaks in competitive play. These flawless performances showcase his skill and precision, making them some of the most dominant displays in the sport.

Stephen Hendry's 1993 UK Championship Final

In the 1993 UK Championship final, Stephen Hendry, another all-time great, faced James Wattana. Hendry produced a dominant performance and claimed a resounding 10-2 victory over his opponent. This win solidified Hendry's status as the world's top player and remains one of the most one-sided finals in snooker history.

Steve Davis' 1989 World Championship Semi-final

Steve Davis, a six-time world champion, delivered one of the most impressive wins in snooker history during the 1989 World Championship semi-final against Dean Reynolds. Davis secured an overwhelming 16-1 victory, which remains the biggest winning margin in a World Championship semi-final to this day.

John Higgins' 2000 British Open Final

John Higgins, a four-time world champion, demonstrated his prowess in the 2000 British Open final against Ronnie O'Sullivan. Higgins stormed to a remarkable 9-2 victory over the highly-regarded O'Sullivan, marking one of the most decisive wins in a major snooker tournament final.


Several matches stand out as the biggest wins in snooker history, including dominant performances by legends like Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, and John Higgins. While it is difficult to definitively determine the single most significant win, these examples showcase some of the most impressive and memorable moments in the sport of snooker.