Resources to help improve your Snooker game

Resources to help improve your Snooker game

We've searched the web for the best coaching resources to help our customers improve their snooker game.

YouTube Channels

Snooker Success

YouTube is becoming the go-to destination for all things video. There is no wonder that the website is now the second largest search engine in the world. Snooker Success's channel has some excellent videos dealing with the basic fundamentals of gripping a snooker cue, stance, bridge and cue action. Owned and operated by Lead Coach Andrew Green. His videos are very professional, and he comes across as personable and knows his stuff.

Visit the YouTube channel.


Another YouTube channel, NeilMaxMan, has a lot more content and, in total, over 1.5 million video views! While the videos aren't as professionally shot as the first channel, NeilMaxMan knows his stuff.

Visit the YouTube channel.

The Snooker Gym

Run by former professional Nic Barrow, the Snooker Gym is marketed as the World Exclusive Coaching Partner of the IBSF (International Billiards and Snooker Federation). A handbook is available, a number of coaching videos, and a membership site. Much of the content is paid for, and prices vary, so check it out yourself. All we can say is that Nic is highly regarded as a coach.

Visit the YouTube channel.

Articles and Forums

Snooker Delight

Snooker Delight is a comprehensive website full of content by Canadian coach Mayur Jobanputra. Mayur goes into some basic techniques in several free articles and puts a little of his philosophy on snooker out to a broader audience.

Visit Snooker Delight's website.

Terry Griffiths Snooker

If you play snooker, watch snooker or have followed snooker over the last 35 years, then you will know Terry Griffiths, a BBC Sports Commentator and Pundit, a professional coach and the 1979 World Snooker Champion. This likeable Welshman knows his stuff, and his website is packed with helpful information through the forum and other articles. There is the opportunity to have coaching from Terry himself.

Visit Terry Griffiths' website.

If you know of any great resources we have missed, please feel free to contact us, and we'll see if I can add them to this article.