Snooker is a cue sport played on a rectangular table covered in green cloth called baize. The table has six pockets, one at each corner and two in the middle along each side. British Army officers first played Snooker when they were stationed in India in the second half of the 19th century. Over the years, Snooker has become a very popular game worldwide, with players like Steve Davis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry becoming household names. 
Our team at Cue & Case have put together a list of gifts for that special someone in your life who loves Snooker. Whether they play for fun at the local snooker hall, competitively in the pub league, or even professionally, we’re sure to have the perfect gift for them.

1. Baize master silver series traditional 2pc pool snooker cue with matching ash grain + 9mm tip

A traditional, no nonsense 2pc machine spliced snooker cue with a matching ash grain shaft, for a better playing experience.

2. Peradon thunder 3 piece matching ash english 8 ball pool cue 55 inch – 8.5mm tip

A beautiful, high-quality English 8 Ball pool cue with 8.5mm tip for better cue ball control – manufactured in the UK by Peradon, a highly respected name in the cue sports industry.

3. 2inch (50.8mm) Aramith premier snooker ball set – 22 balls

Made of Aramith Premium – Phenolic resin with high impact resistance and prolonged longevity. Low yearly table cost – Smooth surface reduces drastically the table cloth wear resulting in far less cloth and ball replacement.

4. Baize master snooker black aluminium 22 ball flight carry case – 2 1/16 inch balls

Carry your pool balls in style with this attractive high-quality Baize Master ball case – the ultimate accessory for travelling pool players!

5. Exclusive hainsworth 12ft silver precision professional tournament grade full size bed and cushion set for 12ft snooker table – the world’s fastest napped snooker cloth!

Silver is the new green – dare to be different and gain a whole new snooker playing experience!  Playing on silver gives a better contrast against the balls, improving game play, skill and playing enjoyment. Supplied in pre-cut bed and cushion sets to fit an 12ft snooker table.

Hainsworth® PRECISION is the fastest woollen napped playing surface in the world and known as the ultimate player’s challenge. This tournament grade cloth is specially designed for the professional player and for players aspiring to take their game skills to a whole new level. This revolutionary cloth offers impeccable accuracy, sheer speed, ultimate ball control and unrivalled excitement. It is a much finer, lighter weight cloth, compared to traditional snooker cloth.


Silver lightweight dust cover to fit 12ft full size snooker tables, with elasticated corners for a tight fit.

7. Bce Ronnie O’Sullivan grey elegance 57 inch 2pc ash snooker cue 9.5mm tip

Take to the Baize in true ‘Rocket’ style with this brand new, high quality BCE Snooker Cue, fully endorsed by the legend himself, Ronnie O’Sullivan.

8. digital gift card for cue & CASE

Struggling to pick a gift or doing some last-minute shopping? Give the gift of choice with a Cue & Case digital gift card.

Choose any amount between £20 and £500. Just add the amount you wish to gift.

Gift cards are delivered via email, either sent direct to your recipient or to you, for you to forward on. There are no additional processing or shipping fees, and no expiry date – so you can gift now, and they can shop whenever.


This deluxe gift tin has everything you need to ensure your cue will play like new every time you step up to the baize.

10. Taom v10 professional dark green snooker pool chalk x1 piece

Taom V10 professional chalk is the latest formula from Taom engineers. This chalk gives an ultimate grip with a super clean experience. V10 is developed with world’s top professional players. Works with all kind of tips, hard to soft. The chalk can be used in any cuesports. The mission was to create even stronger grip but with less residue, and that’s what we did.