As with length tip size is also a personal thing although there are some practical reasons or choosing tips of a particular size dependant upon yours game. Professional players say that the smaller the cue ball the smaller the tip should be used and not all player agree about power, most players agree that the smaller the ball, the smaller tip, the larger the ball then the larger the tip, this way more accuracy will established. It’s import to decide what game or games it will be used for. When choosing a cue you must decide first what you intend on using it for.


Most American players use cues with tips sizes of 12 – 13 mm to cope with large 2 ¼ inch balls.


Professional snookers players prefer tip sizes of around 9-11mm which offer great ball feel and control on larger tables using 2 1/16 inch balls.

8 Ball Pool

Typically a pub size amateur cue has a tip size of around 10-11mm although most professional players use tips around 8-10mm, some going even smaller. You’ll see from the above that there is a patern, the bigger the ball, generally the bigger the diameter of the tip, this is not coincidental as the thicker the tip, the thicker the shaft and therefore this reduces the possibility of splitting or breaking to the end of the shaft. Therefore Larger the cue ball = thicker the shaft = bigger diameter of tip.
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