Snooker cues can often contain a sticky residue on the shaft which is caused by the varnish. The sticky residue can sometimes prevent your snooker cue from properly sliding along your fingers, which can cause you to miss-hit the cue ball. Removing the varnish will make your cue feel and look brand new and can also saves you some money that’s you would of otherwise spent on a purchasing new replacement. Caution must be used when eliminating the varnish, to avoid stripping the wood from the shaft it’s self
  1. Start by sanding the part of your snooker cue shaft that is coated in the sticky varnish with superfine sandpaper. Caution must be used in order to avoid damaging the cue shaft.
  2. Blow off any dust on your snooker cue shaft that was created from the sanding process.
  3. Apply a few drops of the liquid cue shaft cleaner onto a cue towel/cloth. (We recommend you use Sil Kleen)
  4. Wipe the section of the cue shaft which was previously coated in varnish with the dampened cue towel/cloth.
  5. Turn over your cue towel/cloth to the dry side; wipe the cue shaft once again.
  6. Test the cue shaft for stickiness by running your hand along the snooker cue. If the stickiness is still present then repeat steps 1 through 5
  7. Apply a cue shaft polish such as Cue Silk to the treated area, this will produce a smoother glide; and cause the treated area to blend back into the natural colour of the cue shaft.
Tip – If you naturally have clammy hands and struggle to get a perfect shaft slide we would recommend you use Silky Hands
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