Things to consider when buying a pool table for Christmas

Things to consider when buying a pool table for Christmas


Christmas is one of the most popular times for customers to buy a pool table.

There are, however, a few tips and snippets of information you need to know before you head off and blow your own (or someone else's) pay packet on a pool table.

1. What type of Pool Table are you looking to buy?

There are so many pool tables on the market now that it can be tricky to choose, but three main types help you narrow it down.

English Pool Table

An English pool table is the type of table you will find in your local pub or bar. It is 6 or 7ft long and has rounded snooker-style pockets. The tables use an internal ball return which is why the object balls are 2", and the cue ball is 1-7/8". You usually find these tables with red and yellow object balls and a black eight ball.

However, more players are recently opting for object balls that break the traditional red and yellow norm - check out our exclusive Aramith Premier Silver 8 Ball Edition Black & Blue Pool Balls.

Some of the pool tables we offer at Cue & Case

American Pool Table

An American pool table comes in three sizes, 7ft, 8ft or 9ft (the most popular size). These tables use larger 2-1/14" pool balls with numbered spots and stripes. The cloths are usually quicker, and the pockets are square-cut.

Pool Dining Table

The third type of table is a Pool Dining Table, you can get American Pool tables in this style, but generally, the most popular in the UK is the English Pool table type. These tables have a shallower cabinet that allows you to get a chair and legs underneath. They also come with a two-piece top that the user can place over the playing surface to convert into a dining table.

2. Ensure you give plenty of time for delivery

If you want delivery in time for Christmas, then the advice is to order as soon as possible. Some tables are made to order, and lead times can be up to 6 weeks. Other tables will be available from warehouse stock, which means purchasing can be left a little bit later, but again, don't leave it until two weeks before Christmas and expect delivery in time for the big day. Everyone is busy this time of year, and even if stock is available, table fitters and delivery teams are seriously busy around the Christmas period.

3. Getting the essentials

Buying a new table can be exciting, but what good is it without anything to play with? Don't forget that you will also need pool cues, pool balls and a triangle.

4. Additional items you will probably want to consider

While they're not essential, there are a few items that you may want to consider that will help protect your investment. These are pool table covers, cloth care and ball cases.