PRO147 Hurricane 57 Inch ¾ Joint Heavy Weight Snooker Pool Cue and Case Set 9.5mm Tip With Reinforced Case, Long Telescopic Extension and Mini Butt…


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The PRO147 Hurricane is a classic looking snooker pool cue great for those that prefer a heavy weighted cue. The weight of the cue adds more power to shots, maximising the reaction achieved on the cue ball. A single face splicing with genuine walnut wood gives the Hurricane cue a timeless look. This Cue and Case Set includes the PRO147 Hurricane Cue, PRO147 2 Slot Hard Case with Reinforced Corners, PRO147 Long Telescopic Extension and Mini Butt.


Cue Features:

  • 57 inch (145 cm) ¾ joint cue.
  • Shaft measures approx. 111cm including protruding joint (108.5cm without joint)
  • Butt measures approx. 37cm
  • 9.5mm leather stick-on tip on a brass ferrule, suitable for snooker and pool.
  • PRO147 2 slot case with space for two extensions and a chalk compartment
  • PRO147 Long Telescopic Extension
  • 6 inch mini butt
  • Standard ash grain shaft, sanded for a smooth cue action.
  • Quality brass vacuum joint – hear the pop when you break it apart!
  • Four-pronged ebonised black butt.
  • Single face splicing with genuine walnut wood and maple veneer.
  • Brass screw joint on butt end – compatible with PRO147 extensions (not included
  • PRO147 logo on the butt of the cue.
  • Cue weighs approx. 20 to 21oz.
  • Request a weight and we’ll do our best to match it.
Cue Length

57 Inch

Extension option

Cue includes extension

Cue case type


Cue case holds

1 cue

Tip size