Introducing Britannia Cues: Handcrafted Excellence for Snooker and British Pool

At Cue & Case, we are proud to offer an exquisite range of Britannia cues, crafted with precision and care to provide the ultimate playing experience for snooker and British pool enthusiasts. Our Britannia cues are made from the finest air-seasoned, straight, and even-grained North American Ash, hand-spliced with a stunning array of the world’s most beautiful and sustainable exotic timbers.

Each Britannia cue is adorned with our engraved and black enamelled Mother of Pearl Britannia disc, a symbol of exceptional quality and value that sets these cues apart from the rest. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously hone each cue to perfection, ensuring you receive the best possible cue to enhance your game.

To cater to players of all abilities and budgets, our Britannia cues are divided into four distinct ranges, offering outstanding value across various price points. Explore our collection of Britannia cues today and experience the difference that a handcrafted cue can make in your game. Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of Britannia, and elevate your snooker and British pool experience with Cue & Case.

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