55" BLUE Double Jointed English Pool Cue & Case 8mm Tip

55" BLUE HAWK Double Jointed English Pool Cue EXT & CASE 8mm Tip

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Brand: Jonny 8 Ball
Product Code: CTC-J8B-3PC-001
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This cue is purpose made for the British pool player as it can be shortened for space restrictive shots (playing pool in pubs) or extended if a little extra length is needed.

Measuring a shorter 55" (perfect for pool) with a precision 8.5mm tip, this cue helps players pot more accurately and improve their game.

Cue Features:

  • Double jointed, 3 piece cue with a mini butt extension
  • Mini butt extension screws into either the mid joint or shaft so cue can be shortened to different lengths and is still comfortable to play with
  • Cue can also be extended using mini butt - screws into the butt end
  • Quality North American matching ash grain shaft
  • Quick release brass joints and quick release extension joints
  • Solid Rosewood 4 prong machine spliced butt
  • Attractive blue stained mid section
  • Brass ferrule with 8.5mm blue leather 'stick-on' tip
  • Shaft = approx 70cm
  • Mid section = approx 28cm
  • Butt = approx 41cm
  • Mini butt = approx 15cm
  • Using different combinations, cue can be shortened to 115cm, 99cm & 86cm
  • Cue is available in 16oz, 17oz or 18oz. Request a weight and we'll do our best to match it!
  • Cue measures 55"
  • Golden 8 Ball logo on butt

Tubular Case Features:

  • Luxury black tubular hard case
  • Moulded rubber interior to keep butt and shaft separate and secure
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Large outside pocket to hold mini butt extension and chalks etc


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