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Peradon 6 Inch EBONY Mini Butt End Snooker Pool Cue Extension, Quick Release

Product Code: EXT-PER-FIX-001
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This mini screw on extension is designed to fit into a Peradon 'butt end joint' to quickly give that little extra cue length when required


  • 6" (15cm) -plus 1" for the protruding male joint
  • Solid real Ebony wood
  • Can extend cue by 6" 
  • Screws onto cue shaft (after removing butt section) or  'butt end joint' of a Peradon cue from the current range
  • Suited for Ebony or Ebonex Peradon Cues with 'butt end joint' and/or '¾ joint' (with female joint in shaft)
  • Quick release brass joint

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