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NEW! Elk Master PRO Pool Snooker Cue Tips - 9mm MEDIUM

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The ‘Elk-Pro’ tip is manufactured to unprecedented tolerances of shape and hardness by the world’s most respected tip makers, Tweeten Fibre Co. in the USA.


  • 3 x 9mm medium tips
  • Hand selected, chrome tanned leather from the prime portion of the hide
  • New enhanced treatment processes eliminate impurities and ensure total saturation of the leather
  • Pressed into shape using a new technique to improve consistency of shape
  • Tip consistency maintained through new accurate hardness testing techniques
  • The fibre of the tips has been maintained so even the hard tips do not feel or sound too solid
  • Incredible grip and chalk adhesion
  • Perfect for use with the new Pro chalk
  • Boxes of 3 tips available in sizes 9mm, 9.5mm & 10mm in Soft, Medium or Hard options

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