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Jonny 8 Ball SQUIRE Dual Shaft BREAK & PLAY 4pc Pool Snooker Cue

Brand:Jonny 8 Ball
Product Code: CU4-J8B-DSC-005
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Ex Tax: £37.46

Great cue - larger tipped shaft makes breaking easier, whilst the smaller tipped shaft is ideal for cue ball control


  • A four piece cue with spiral center joint, suitable for both snooker and pool
  • 8.5mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule
  • 11mm leather stick on tip on breaking shaft with stainless ferulle
  • Dual shaft for breaking and playing with different size tips
  • Brass collar around joint
  • Jonny 8 Ball logo badge on the butt on the cue
  • Rubber butt protector - for added cue protection against knocks and butts
  • Attractive emerald graphics on the butt of the cue
  • Cue length measures approx 57" (144.78cm)
  • Cue weights available range from 17oz to 19oz
  • Request a weight via message and we'll do our best to match it!
Cue Joint
quick release center
Tip Size
Tip Type
leather stick on

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