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JONNY 8 BALL Edition Cuetec Bowtie Snooker Pool Cue Tip Shaper 3 in 1 Tool

Product Code: ACC-TEC-CUE-000
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A great tool that is specially designed with a round shaped end to fit over the cue tip to easily shape and buff snooker pool cue tips


  • Made from high quality brushed stainless steel
  • Shaping tool for shaping the cue tip
  • Scuffing tool to provide a scuffed tip for better ball control
  • Tool end screws off to reveal a Tip Aerator / Picker to pick the tip
  • Once the used the tip will hold the chalk far better than before. 
  • Lightweight and can fit easily into the players pocket or inside a cue case
  • Marked end to direct the users to which end performs which action 
  • With a specially designed round in-domed end the tool will shape, scuff and pick cue tips quicker than most other tools on the market
  • The Bowtie will screw on and off the scruff end easily without need to apply much strength

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