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CLEARANCE!! BLACK Golf Bag Double Shaft Pool Cue Case - Holds 2 Shafts

Brand:Funky Chalk
Product Code: TCA-UNB-MOL-000
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Clearance double shaft cue case, these cases have the pockets stuck on not straight. They still offer excellent protection and value for money


  • External dimensions measure approx 82cm (32.28inches) long x 10cm (3.94inches) wide x 9cm (3.54inches) deep
  • Internal dimensions measure approx 80cm (31.50inches) long x 8cm (3.15inches) wide x 8cm (3.15inches) deep
  • Case will hold 1 x butt, 2 x shafts, suitable for both snooker and pool
  • Case has a tubular construction, which is covered in a quality leatherette material to give a more stylish look
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, plus carry handle
  • Rubber moulded internal compartments to hold butt and shafts separate
  • 2 x accessory pockets for holding chalks etc
  • Pockets slightly mis-alined
Carry Handle
adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle
Case Exterior
Case Interior

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